Water Treatment

Applicable Systems

  • Cooling Towers

  • Fluid Coolers

  • Chillers

  • Air Handlers

  • Boilers


FluidTEK is a provider of Evapco’s “Pulse Pure” system- a unique “non-chemical” water treatment solution.  Pulse-Pure is a LEED certified sustainable technology that provides substantial savings in tower energy and water, by eliminating chemical costs.  Pulse-Pure provides a safer and eco-friendly setting for tenants and workers.  Go Green, it’s the right thing to do!

FluidTEK is a provider of Evapco’s “Smartshield” system- the first ever solid chemical treatment engineered for and factory mounted or field retrofitted on your closed circuit coolers and evaporative condensers.  Solid chemistry eliminates chemical feed pumps and liquids, saving space and energy while eliminating spills. Simple monthly refills.  And more!

FluidTEK is a provider of Puroflux Filtration for Cyclone, Sand Filter and Sump Sewer Systems for installation to new or existing equipment keeping tower water clean. This translates into less tower maintenance, lower tower treatment costs and reduced biological activity.

Johnson Barrow | FluidTEK, the Washington Evapco rep, is proud to rep Evapco's Pulse~Pure water treatment system that offers an environmentally responsible alternative for treating cooling water.