Taco's Oe (Optimized Energy) Pump Package

Taco's Oe (Optimized Energy) Pump Package

Meet the Oe package!

In a push to attain the highest efficiency standards, choosing a Taco Oe package is a big step ahead.

Whether you’re motivated by regulatory requirements, saving the environment, or simple cost reductions, Taco’s Oe package provides the widest range of high-efficiency ECM powered pumps in the industry, from 3 HP to 30 HP.

Introducing Ventacity - Ultra High Efficient DOAS

Introducing Ventacity - Ultra High Efficient DOAS

At Ventacity Systems we believe that ventilation deserves more attention than it has received. That’s because managing ventilation is the key to achieving healthy, efficient buildings. The benefits include:

Decreased building energy usage – resulting in lower operating costs & smaller carbon footprint

Improved building health and occupant comfort—for productivity, satisfaction and building value

Ventilation all the time, whenever its needed —even when heating & cooling isn’t running

As buildings have become tighter and the connection between air quality and productivity is better understood, it has more important than ever to achieve both energy efficiency and building health.

LG Multi V IV Now Available!

LG VRF Benefits

Your project can realize significant benefits by using LG's VRF Technology. Efficiency and modern modular design are just the beginning.

The modular design of VRF results in superior energy savings giving occupants the choice to air condition or heat only the zones in use. A VRF system provides exceptional dehumidification and temperature control by rapidly adapting to changing loads.


Without using large distribution ducts, the Multi V system removes losses that are unavoidable in other systems. In addition, the use of optimized scroll or rotary compressors, specially designed heat exchangers, and inverter technology, the Multi V system minimizes energy consumption to levels previously unattainable by non-VRF systems. The modular design offers comfort on demand allowing the choice to use the system only in the zones where it is needed further promoting reduced energy consumption.


LG stands behind efficiency and performance with proof. You will find Multi V in the EnergyPro™ building energy simulation software from EnergySoft®. EnergyPro™ is approved by the California Energy Commission and can be used for documentation with the California Title 24 Standards as well as energy codes throughout the United States including ASHRAE 90.1 and LEED®. The software accurately models energy consumption based on building design, orientation, location, and other design conditions taking into account your specific utility rate structure.


With the use of inverters and dual compressor outdoor units, the LG Multi V system offers superior load matching, preventing constant cycling or large temperature swings. Tight temperature control through precise load matching ensures maximum comfort, efficient operation, and superior dehumidification. The modular design of VRF results in superior energy savings giving occupants the choice to air condition or heat only the zones in use. The LG Multi V offers individual zoning to insure owner or tenant comfort.


The architectural and engineering community is adopting a balanced design approach that considers energy and water consumption, repetitive maintenance costs, the impact of development on the environment, and the building’s initial cost as equally important factors in developing high performance, sustainable buildings that will increase building value. LG’s Multi V VRF systems help achieve points for sustainability programs.

The USGBC has developed holistic design standards for constructing new and retrofitting existing buildings known as LEED® - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The Multi V variable refrigerant flow air conditioning systems are engineered for sustainable green buildings and provide opportunities for designers to claim numerous LEED® prerequisites and points.


Multi V indoor units are available in a wide range of styles to fit any interior design. With indoor unit choices including cassettes that mount flush to the ceiling, ducted units that hide completely concealed in the ceiling, and mirror finished wall mounted units that fit into any décor, the LG Multi V system offers unparalleled aesthetic design.


Work without distraction. Sleep without noise. With indoor units that can operate at sound levels as low as 23dB(A) and outdoor units that operate as low as 50dB(A) and lower with night quiet operation, Multi V creates a comfortable environment so quiet it’s almost undetectable. For additional sound level control, a night quiet mode can be set to limit fan speed during off peak hours.

1616 Eastlake RTU Upgrade

This project consisted of two phases, each replacing an existing Mammoth RTU with a new, custom Energy Labs, evaporative cooled DX air handler with energy recovery. Due to the fact that these units serve critical facilities, each of these replacements had to be completed within an extremely short time frame of just over 48 hours. Up front coordination, construction accuracy and build quality were crucial aspects to this project's success.

Optiline Fan Array from Energy Labs

Optiline Fan Array from Energy Labs

Energy Labs with a deep pool of Engineering talent, experience, AMCA accredited testing facilities and leading edge CFD tools has developed its own fan array system called Optiline Fan Array™. ELI Optiline Fan Array+ optimizes the performance gap between large direct drive fans and fan arrays which utilize less efficient fans.