Optiline Fan Array from Energy Labs

Energy Labs with a deep pool of Engineering talent, experience, AMCA accredited testing facilities and leading edge CFD tools has developed its own fan array system called Optiline Fan Array™. ELI Optiline Fan Array+ optimizes the performance gap between large direct drive fans and fan arrays which utilize less efficient fans.

Advantages of Optiline Fan Array™

  • More efficient than fan arrays which utilizes smaller fans and motors
  • Optiline Fan Array motors operate closer to synchronous speed of motors
  • Quieter than larger fans
  • Redundant fans will enable the system to operate at full flow
  • Shorter fan section lengths than larger fans
  • Better air flow distribution than single fan


  • Requires less space for service than a large fans
  • Fan assemblies are mounted on spring isolators to reduce the transmission of fan and motor vibration to the unit structure. This eliminates the need for spring isolated roof curbs and flex-connected piping, ductwork, and electrical conduits to the air handling unit.


  • Energy Labs spring isolators are designed with seismic restraints to meet zone four requirements per the International Building Code (IBC)

As an experienced manufacturer of AHU’s and plenum fans, Energy Labs offers its technology in ways that yield the lowest overall operating cost to its customers.

Optiline Fan Array™ RELIABILITY

  • Optiline Fan Array™ has a higher reliability compared to other systems that utilize greater numbers of smaller fans. A statistical analysis shows that when comparing a (4) fan to a (12) fan array the failure rate will be 3 times less for the (4) fan system.
  • Optiline Fan Array™ fan base is constructed of welded structural steel. This heavy weld structure contributes to long life quiet, and resonance free operation.
  • Optiline Fan Array™ has a less complicated electrical and control system which will result in more reliable system
  • Cast Frame motors are used to minimize resonance in the fan system.
  • Optiline Fan Array™ offers redundancy in case of fan or motor failure.